Searching for Obsolete Parts? This is What You Need (Video)

Kristofor Kelly, President and CEO

January 9th, 2019

Searching for hard-to-find or obsolete parts? We offer the access you need with the customer service you deserve.

At Velocity, we know challenging component requirements. We work in partnership with clients of all sizes and suppliers across the globe to connect markets for the most obscure parts. Your product needs can arise at anytime. We stand ready, day or night, with creative solutions to source the parts you need, whether the challenge is lead time, allocation, or scarcity.

Unparalleled access.

Access is our primary strength in the search for obsolete parts. We source material from every manufacturing line, offering access to parts through our relationships with direct component manufacturers and OEM/CEM resellers. In addition, we have over a billion dollars of material available through our global network of highly qualified suppliers. If you are looking for parts that haven’t been manufactured for years or even over a decade, you might need to get a little creative.

Velocity Market Search: The right software to power your search.

In order to offer swift and effective searches of our offerings, we created our proprietary Velocity Market Search (VMS) sourcing software. VMS search returns include a wide range of options, from in-house, exclusive Velocity stock to the complete availabilities from all global independent distributors. We rate suppliers on product conformance, timeliness, and volume, and work closely with them to ensure strong partnerships.

VMS generates reports with current and historic pricing data and manufacturer cross-references. This level of detail gives our sourcing experts a measurable advantage in their negotiations on price. But at Velocity, we go far beyond reports in our search for your obsolete parts. Velocity offers solutions fueled by our employees’ creativity and initiative.

Customer experience is paramount.

Your experience is shaped by your interactions with our team. We operate with honesty and integrity in all of our interactions, not just our business transactions. In searching for your obsolete or hard-to-find parts, we will approach your challenges with every possible resource. We pride ourselves on offering transparent and honest solutions to our clients. No problem is too big or too small for us. We engage with our clients — from Fortune 100 to smaller companies just trying to get products out of design — with tailored programs that assess their challenges and meet their needs.

Exceptional quality, always.

Looking for obsolete parts may require casting a large net. When you are sorting through offerings, you need assurances that the parts you find will meet your needs for quality, reliability, and legitimacy. With Velocity, you are assured that we have rigorously vetted all of our suppliers. While embracing flexible approaches to meet your needs, we maintain our commitments to secure operations and aligned business practices.

Any time your obsolete or hard-to-find parts needs strike, contact us to get immediate access to global markets and creative solutions via excellent customer service.


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" In order to offer swift and effective searches of our offerings, we created our proprietary Velocity Market Search (VMS) sourcing software. "

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