Video: At Velocity, Quality and Safety Guide Procurement of Board-Level Electronic Components

Kristofor Kelly, President and CEO

November 21st, 2018

Procurement of board-level electronic components is all about quality. When you are looking outside of your normal supply chain, you need to have complete trust in your distributor. Sourcing components for high-reliability and other verticals requires unerring commitment to quality.  

In a new video we discuss our commitment to quality here at Velocity. To summarize the points that we make: Here are some key indicators that service, quality, and safety are at the core of your distributor’s operations and procurement of board-level electronic components.  

What distinguishes a high-quality electronic components distributor?  

A commitment to immediacy. 

Your supply needs are immediate. From a sales perspective, you value responsiveness. In today’s competitive global economy, with shortages putting pressure on the supply chain, it’s reasonable to look for 24/7 availability from a distributor’s representatives. Beyond that, how do you know if the response is more than just a sales pitch? Your call should trigger a cascade of immediate actions from your distributor. When you share your requirement with your distributor, are all sources considered to find you the best deal? And how efficiently are inspections and packaging handled? Optimizing all of the steps in the distribution process delivers the best quality to you, when you need it.  

While the sales response should reflect the urgency of your needs, a good distributor will value your long-term relationship. Guaranteed order accuracy and quote requests swiftly returned are good signs that your distributor is invested in your relationship. You are looking for access to not just superior electronic components, but people that you enjoy doing business with, day to day.  

A history of excellence.  

Inspections, quality assurance… a distributor may offer many talking points. But can you independently verify the operations? Having the ability to audit a distributor’s facilities gives you first-hand assurance of how processing happens. You should look for a distributor that not only welcomes you to learn more about their process, but also offers you the opportunity to audit their facilities. The more transparent their process, the more assurance you have about the quality of the product.   

Additionally, does your partner restrict excellence to only high reliability components? A true commitment to safety and security should extend to all verticals, including industrial, medical, 5G, and IoT.  

Uncompromising safety standards. 

Certifications are the best way to know if your partners are keeping up with industry standards. Which ones should you look for? AS6081 is the premier counterfeit component avoidance and mitigation standard. Few distributors qualify for this rigorous certification. And one flagship facility does not necessarily indicate the performance at all facilities is equal. All facilities should offer the same high quality in operations. You should insist on industry-leading practices in inspection and counterfeit avoidance. Multiple layers of quality assurance and inventory control indicate a strong commitment to safety at every step in the distribution process.  

If you would like more detail on our how our AS6081-certified global facilities source, inspect and qualify excellent electronic components, please get in touch with us.  

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" A true commitment to safety and security should extend to all verticals, including industrial, medical, 5G, and IoT. "

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