Velocity turns 20! What made us a components management leader

Kristofor Kelly, President and CEO

February 6th, 2019

With two decades of experience, we know what makes an electronic components management leader.  

 We are pleased to announce that this is the first in a series of posts throughout 2019 in recognition of Velocity’s 20th anniversary.  

Velocity was created from a vision: to build a company unlike any other in the business. We saw the need for a company with integrity at the core of all its operations and interactions. Two decades later, our status as an electronic components management leader proves that high ethical standards and financial success are complimentary goals.  

Here’s how we’re fueling growth, achieving excellence, and creating partnerships into the next decade of success.  

Staying aware of industry trends  

From shortage markets to security, we are aware and responsive to industry happenings.  

When shortage disruptions threaten, time is of the essence. Whether you are looking for spot buys or to establish a continuous supply from our partners, we are committed to providing you with savings. We know what it takes to meet your cost deflation metrics while keeping your supply chain operating smoothly. We offer 24/7 availability and creative solutions to meeting your electronic components needs.  

We are on the front lines of supply chain security. Under pressure from shortages, supply chains are vulnerable to counterfeit components. Avoiding them takes diligence. We maintain exceptional quality standards for all of our offerings, processing over one billion components with zero quality conformance issues to date.  

We stay on top of new counterfeit and non-conformance challenges in the industry by using information provided by ERAI. Information from ERAI, a global organization that monitors, investigates and reports threats to the global supply chain, helps us make informed decisions in our supplier selection process.  

Charting our course with core values  

At Velocity, we all adhere to a Code of Business Conduct that emphasizes honesty and integrity in all of our interactions. Through our core values, we take a fresh approach to components management leadership.  

Secure: We all have a role to play in supply chain security. Velocity leads with excellence in this arena. Since 2012, when Congress completed an inquiry into counterfeit parts in DOD’s supply chain, we have held preferred status. We’ve passed 326 of 326 audits in the last 3 years.    

Aligned: We understand the needs of our partners. We are a trusted partner across all major market verticals. With global support and rapid response times, we provide support to our partners, no matter their location.  

Flexible: From value-added services to E&O—we have solutions to meet your needs. We thrive on creative strategies, bringing you a wide range of offerings that we can tailor to your goals.  

Ethical. A strong company culture that emphasizes ethics forms the core of our business. Velocity employees put ethics first in all that we do, from professional to personal interactions.  

Supporting global partnerships   

Velocity works across verticals to provide unique services and hard-to-find products for our customers. Our suppliers hold a key role our delivery of excellent electronic components. We track key value drivers including conformance, order accuracy, on-time delivery and transactional volume. If there are shortcomings, we work closely with our suppliers to improve the process, including in-person audits to evaluate our suppliers. By taking the long view and investing time and effort into supplier relationships, we build partnerships that our customers can benefit from not just today, but for years to come.  


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" Whether you are looking for spot buys or to establish a continuous supply from our partners, we are committed to providing you with savings. "

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