Real-Time Sourcing of Electronic Components - 3 Ways Your Business Benefits

Kristofor Kelly, President and CEO

December 12th, 2018

Shortage? Obsolete? Hard-to-find? Real-time sourcing can fix it.   

A grim Q4 forecast for the global electronics shortage has buyers across the globe anticipating lower supply, increased prices and supply chain disruptions. Shortages also open up supply chains to increased vulnerabilities. The threat of counterfeit and non-conforming electronics looms when you are looking outside your standard supply chain. The best way to work around these threats while guarding against rising costs? Real-time sourcing of electronic components through a trusted independent provider.  Real-time sourcing offers a solution to your most urgent and challenging supply chain challenges. But how can you ensure that it’s also delivering the value and quality that you need? 

Here are three ways that real-time sourcing can work for your business’ electronic components needs.  

Three Benefits of Real-Time Sourcing of Electronic Components  

1. Real-time sourcing draws on strategic supply partner relationships for the best value possible.  

As shortages put pressure on the global electronic components supply chain, now is the time to make sure your distributor has access to all possible supply channels. A global network of qualified providers offers a strong starting point. Cultivating a network takes time and strategy. Accessing it on demand requires investment. Velocity takes network access to the next level with Velocity Market Search (VMS). VMS offers real-time information on the availability of parts worldwide. With instantaneous data on current and historic pricing, current and obsolete manufacturer cross-references and data sheets, our experts can immediately get to work sourcing and negotiating to meet your needs. With VMS, our global sourcing team gets immediate results for your supply needs, no matter the reason for the shortage.  

2. Avoid the dangers of counterfeit parts. 

Counterfeiters are opportunistic. During times of shortage, a surge of counterfeit items will foil many distributors. This is the time to make sure you partner with a distributor that never sacrifices quality. Period. Real-time sourcing implies that your partner has done the hard work beforehand to vet their suppliers. VMS results provide supplier ratings on product conformance, timeliness, and historic volume. In addition, Velocity adheres to industry-leading counterfeit avoidance protocols. That, combined with our real-time supplier rating system, maintains our perfect conformance record.  

3. Gain access to the source material you need.  

When facing a components shortage, you need options, now. Real-time sourcing opens up a world of options. As an independent distributor, Velocity sources material from every manufacturing line, including obsolete and end-of-life products. Using VMS, we can return material availabilities from Velocity Stock (which includes exclusively consigned partner materials), franchise distributors, and proprietary private stock offers, as well as complete availabilities from all global independent distributors. Over one billion dollars of components are available through Velocity's global network of screened and qualified suppliers.  

Real-Time Sourcing Advantages, Beyond the Shortage.  

In a time of shortage, you need broad market access, immediate service and exceptional material quality. Real-time sourcing provided through an excellent distributor can provide all of that, and more. To learn more about partnering with Velocity to get you through this shortage and beyond, contact us. 

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" As shortages put pressure on the global electronic components supply chain, now is the time to make sure your distributor has access to all possible supply channels. "

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