Global Electronic Parts Procurement Requires a Global Strategy: Does Your Supplier Have What it Takes? (Video)

Isaac Tan, Director of APAC

January 2nd, 2019

Velocity’s global procurement of electronic parts is powered by a unique and highly effective culture.

Our employees represent 20 nationalities and speak 19 languages.

We operate in 17 countries with three global distribution centers.

These are compelling figures, but Velocity’s global strategy comprises more than just numbers. Within our broad global reach, we share a unified culture of excellence. Our unique, team-oriented approach makes Velocity stand out from the competition. Here’s how Velocity’s global strategy drives our partners’ success.

Talent, coordinated.

Our employees are 100% committed to continuous improvement. To achieve this level of commitment, we hire talent — but we don’t stop there. An enriching environment built on fairness, loyalty, and respect creates a strong foundation for our business. In carrying out our mission to provide our customers with immediate, reliable, high value component management solutions and unparalleled customer service, we believe that the best solutions come from collaborative relationships.

What collaboration looks like, day-to-day.

We promote ethical partnerships internally and externally. Internally, we inspect products all over the world. This means that our inspectors must coordinate on the latest updates and best practices to process materials through our Inspection and Distribution Centers (IDC). Velocity’s holistic approach that combines cutting-edge equipment with our highly trained professionals requires global coordination to meet our consistently high standards.

Our sellers likewise coordinate globally to sell products all over the world. We foster a connected, supportive culture while striving to do the best for our clients and our mission. We live our core values of loyal, enterprising, adaptable, and determined (LEAD) daily across all of our locations and operations.

With our employees’ global backgrounds — representing 20 nationalities and sharing 19 languages — we have a significant amount of regional expertise, including in culture and language. We use this expertise to build relationships and pave the way for strong partnerships. For example, our supplier-side audits utilize experts who visit regional facilities and maintain a strong grasp on the quality of components offered by our suppliers. Developing these strong supplier partnerships goes a long way towards combatting supply chain shortages and providing our customers with excellent value.

Clear and consistent values apply beyond our mission of global procurement of electronic parts.

We operate within a code of business conduct that emphasizes honesty and integrity in everything we do. Our code of conduct, SAFE, is a fixture of our operations, highlighting:

Secure operations

Aligned business practice

Flexible approaches to meet the needs of our partners, and

Ethical emphasis on rigorous supplier vetting and inspections.

SAFE works across all of our offices along with our core values of LEAD to create an environment where we strive for excellence, internally and externally. In line with our regional involvement, we also support community involvement. Our values extend to the communities in which we are located. We encourage our employees to engage with their communities.

We believe that our commitment to inspiring trust by aligning our words, behaviors, and actions carries over from organizational to personal excellence. To see how Velocity’s exceptional culture can work for your global electronic parts needs, contact us today.


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" Our supplier-side audits utilize experts who visit regional facilities and maintain a strong grasp on the quality of components offered by our suppliers. "

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