For Electronic Components Procurement, 4 Reasons to Make Velocity Your Partner

Kristofor Kelly

October 9th, 2018

In the competitive and complex marketplace of electronic components procurement, what does it take for you to be successful? 

Cue Velocity, a leading certified stocking distributor and provider of outsource procurement services, specializing in the supply and material management of board-level electronic components for leading electronics manufacturers worldwide.  

At Velocity, customer satisfaction drives every decision, alongside an unwavering focus on quality, sourcing speed, and delivery at the lowest total cost.  

Here’s why a partnership with Velocity can help you solve your toughest electronic components procurement challenges: 

1. Superior service

Strategically positioned global sourcing teams. A worldwide network of qualified suppliers. In-stock inventory in three global distribution centers. Unsurpassed sourcing speed. Proprietary sourcing software.  

Those are just some of the hallmarks of the Velocity business model that not only helps us fulfill your most challenging electronic component procurement requirements, but also can significantly reduce your standard purchase price.   

If Velocity does not already stock the component you are looking for, our sourcing teams will work around the clock to locate the parts you need — when you need them. And, when you send us a request for a quote, you will receive a swift and timely response. Whether we leverage Velocity Market Search, our proprietary sourcing software, or Parts List Merger (PLM), another proprietary tool, you reap the benefits, such as successfully sourcing during a shortage or identifying opportunities to reduce costs. 

2. Exceptional quality

Quality is a top priority of our customers and an important reason for choosing us as their partner. The drive for quality fuels every aspect of what we do, from our real-time vendor rating process (product conformance, order accuracy, on-time delivery, and transactional volume) to our order accuracy guarantee.  

We earn your trust by being completely transparent. In addition to detailed shipment tracking, each order comes with internal and manufacturing part numbers and every piece of information you need to experience complete confidence in the process. When it comes to quality conformance, Velocity’s record speaks for itself. 

3. Innovative solutions

Give us a challenge and we will exceed your expectations. Integrated and custom solutions hold the key to Velocity’s competitive advantage in electronic components procurement. Count on seeing benefits such us reduced procurement and administrative costs, increased inventory turns, improved cash-to-cash cycle times, and the reduction of costs associated with shortages and supply chain disruptions.  

The inventory recovery performance, integrity, and service quality of Velocity’s comprehensive E&O capital recovery and material disposition services have resulted in excess management contracts with industry-leading OEM and EMS partners. Our collaborative approach and commitment to building long-term partnerships include every aspect of our innovative supply chain services. The result: Count on a notable reduction in your total cost of inventory ownership.  

4. Distinct culture

SAFE (Secure, Aligned, Flexible, Ethical) and LEAD (Loyal, Enterprising, Adaptable, Determined) capture Velocity’s business philosophy. Strong ethics is as important to us as it is to you. We make the principled choice each and every time. Our Business Code of Conduct, dedication to continuous improvement, and commitment to environmental responsibility shape who we are and serve as the foundation for the partnerships we build with our customers and suppliers. You should also know we are ISO/IEC 17020 and OSHAS 18000 certified. 

This is the short story of Velocity. There’s more to learn. Starting today, we will use this space to highlight how our services can benefit you, provide useful tips on relevant supply chain topics, and discuss the significance of industry trends.  

Contact us to learn more.  

" At Velocity, customer satisfaction drives every decision, alongside an unwavering focus on quality, sourcing speed, and delivery at the lowest total cost. "

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