Culture & Recruiting: How it Makes Velocity a Highly Ranked Global Electronic Components Supplier (Video)

Kristofor Kelly

December 6th, 2018

Here’s how we’ve built a global electronics component supplier unlike any other in the business.

With over 1 billion components processed by Velocity with zero quality issues, it’s clear that we are in pursuit of perfection. Achieving a 100% quality conformance rate takes teamwork and coordination. To reach our high standards, we invest in our best resources: our employees.

With Velocity’s guiding principles of SAFE and LEAD, we ensure high standards in our outward-facing customer service, but also in our daily internal workings. Today we are taking a look inside Velocity’s unique company culture to see what sets us apart as a global electronics component supplier.

Our History

Velocity was created differently, from the start. In 1999, we were founded with a specific goal in mind: to build a company unlike any other in the global electronics component business. We envisioned a company imbued with integrity. A company that demonstrates that high ethical standards and great financial success are not contradictory — that, in fact, they mutually support one another.

Here is how we are living this goal today.

One Code of Conduct for All

Our Code of Conduct permeates our business. The values that guide our company extend throughout all of our global operations. This means that our company complies fully with the laws and regulations where we do business, but also that our individual employees choose to do the right thing, every day. Velocity’s commitment to integrity forms the core of our business dealings at every level.

LEAD: More than an Acronym

Loyal, enterprising, adaptable and determined. We challenge our employees to embrace these values every day. We start from day one, by supporting new members of our team as they join our cooperative environment. The Velocity team includes an international group of some of the industry's most talented and experienced individuals.

As we grow, senior employees mentor newer members to help them integrate seamlessly into our team. We make our people feel welcome and confident. This approach translates to success in the industry and forms our collaborative culture.

Velocity is dedicated to building long-term partnerships. To do this, we must invest in our employees. We see our employees as dynamic individuals and offer opportunities to grow, professionally and personally. Our work is challenging, and our environment is positive.

The Result? Excellent Employees Support Exceptional Results

Velocity’s unique culture comes from a combination of our high business and personal standards, our investment in individual employees, and the ongoing commitment to our mission.

We couldn’t maintain the most rigorous inspection protocols for materials screening or handle the industry’s most sophisticated equipment without our exceptionally trained quality professionals.  And our unparalleled customer service is not possible without the unparalleled employees who are available, 24/7, to respond to your sales needs.

Integrity, service, unsurpassed quality, innovation, and commitment to continuous improvement define the Velocity experience. If this sounds like what you are looking for in a partner, contact us now to learn more.


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" With over 1 billion components processed by Velocity with zero quality issues, it’s clear that we are in pursuit of perfection. "

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