3 surprising behind-the-scenes facts about working for Velocity

Dina Mavridis, global director of human resources

February 27th, 2019

Velocity isn’t your standard electronics component sourcing company. Here’s what makes us stand out.

Velocity has grown rapidly since it was founded in 1999. In the last 15 years, a lot has changed in the landscape for electronics component sourcing companies. Velocity’s exceptional experiences and outcomes for our clients are a constant. Our investment in our stakeholders includes not just our business partners, but also our internal employees. We’ve talked about SAFE and LEAD, our client-focused values, but here are some surprising insights into our dynamic internal culture.

1. We are building a transformative global culture.

At Velocity, we don’t do silos. Over the last few years, we’ve developed into a nimble, strategic organization as we ascend to the ranks of top independent distributors. We value cultural transformation. While we are focused on our business partners, our stakeholders are at the heart of our business.

A truly global culture starts at the top. The values of our leaders cascade to our employees. Each employee can make a difference in the overall strategy and vision. We don’t limit risk-taking and creativity to sales roles. The innovations our employees make — whether they are quality inspectors, buyers, or accounting specialists — tie into the overall success of our business.

2. We are not just a sales-focused company striving for a market share.

Mutual trust and respect are the bedrock of what we do. Transparency? Well, there’s not a lot in this industry. And that is exactly the quality Velocity was founded on. When we say our employees are stakeholders, we mean that they are empowered with insight into exactly how they tie into the success of the organization.

We highlight, recognize, and reward performance that meets our values and purpose. If you are an IT specialist or a product analyst delivering exceptional experiences and outcomes, we see you.

Empowered employees bring ideas for continuous improvement. Our team includes adaptable, collaborative, and forward-thinking members in all areas, from quality to operations to sales. We offer the fast-paced dynamic of a start-up culture with the stability of a well-established company.

Professional development and personal development are intertwined. We invest in both for our employees. We offer professional training opportunities where employees can seek external development. Recognizing the need for continuous improvement, both personal and professional, we established a program where employees can identify trainings they need and make it happen.

3. Bring on your talents and interests — Velocity supports your personal growth.

Velocity embraces community involvement, giving back through established programs all over the globe, but also adapting to fresh ideas from our stakeholders. Our leadership strives not only to motivate people in their careers, but also support personal passions drive their pursuit of excellence.

My passion is the community and giving back. Working for Velocity has allowed me to merge my professional goals and my passion for nonprofit organization. For 10 years, Velocity empowered me to sit on a nonprofit board and run a division of that nonprofit, even offering up meeting space. Velocity made it possible to align my professional and personal passions, to the benefit of the community we work in. These same partnerships are happening every day, through empowered Velocity employees around the world.

Velocity’s success translates into the autonomy to determine our worth and path. We have reinvested the success of our company back into our stakeholders. We invite you to learn what possibilities that kind of investment could hold for you.

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" The values of our leaders cascade to our employees. Each employee can make a difference in the overall strategy and vision. We don’t limit risk-taking and creativity to sales roles. "

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