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Velocity provides unique, customized tools and solutions assisting our customers with strategic sourcing and supply chain optimization. Our dedicated Product Management team works closely with customer-partners identifying root causes, designing cost-effective solutions, while executing within your required service levels.

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Solutions Library

Velocity delivers solutions and tools that consistently redefine the shape of the independent marketplace. The documents archived in this Solutions Library offer our customers convenient insight into Velocity and several industry-related subject matters such as quality conformance, anti-counterfeiting, RoHS compliance, and customized partnered purchasing and excess inventory programs.

We trust you find that the content provided in this Library will assist you in making better and more informed decisions and hope that Velocity becomes your first choice when seeking solutions related to your business. For more information on any of these documents, please contact your Velocity representative.

Excess & Obsolete Inventory Strategic Outsourcing Solutions

This white paper highlights the opportunities, issues and processes to implement a successful outsourced excess inventory solution. It examines supply chain anomalies and some common industry misconceptions and provides responses to internal barriers that significantly affect the overall recovery process with respect to this inventory subset. The paper also details the advantages and disadvantages of many available solutions and demonstrates why customers choose Velocity to wholly manage their global excess inventory logistics, marketing and sales processes.

Velocity Partner Purchasing (VPP)

Velocity provides a suite of integrated and custom programs

By capitalizing on our expertise, existing capabilities and our stable business platform, as well as the increasing customer need for more integrated and efficient component supply options, Velocity provides a suite of integrated and custom programs for third-party procurement management, warehousing and logistics.

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Velocity prides itself on offering innovative and custom solutions specifically designed to fit the needs of our customer’s financial and logistical needs. Our customization tool guides you through potential issues and constraints and will help us present options for your review.  Together we can structure a solution to relieve your issues and minimize your Total Cost of Ownership.

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