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From energy fields to sophisticated flight applications, Velocity's unique ability to span all verticals seamlessly, ensures a stable and secure supply chain with a reduced total cost of procurement.


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Guadalajara Sales Office
Faiza Khan +52.33.3208.0561
Denver Sales Office
Faiza Khan 512.973.9500
Austin Headquarters
Faiza Khan 512.973.9500
Houston Sales Office
Faiza Khan 512.973.9500
St. Louis Sales Office
Faiza Khan 512.973.9500
Colombia Sales Office
Faiza Khan +57.2.489.9138
France Sales Office
Jesper Romell +31.20.564.61.60
The Netherlands Sales, Inspection, Storage, Distribution
Jesper Romell +31.20.564.61.60
India Sales Office
Josh Pucci
Thailand Sales Office
Josh Pucci
Malaysia Sales Office
Josh Pucci
Singapore Sales, Inspection, Storage, Distribution
Josh Pucci
Hong Kong IPO Office
Josh Pucci
Shenzhen Sales Office
Marco Zhang 86-755-88326951
Shanghai Sales Office
Marco Zhang +86.21.3131.7068
  • Americas
  • Faiza Khan Sales
  • Europe
  • Jesper Romell Sales
  • Asia
  • Eric Wu Sales
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